What are Fruit Machine Casino Slot Game

Fruit machines are a special kind of casino slot game. New players often avoid wagering on fruit machines for a variety of reasons. Fruit machines contain a number of features not found in other slot casino games. Familiarity with these features comes only with experience and new players hesitate to try a game they cannot fully understand. Very few fruit machines are offered at online casinos and new fruit machines are rarely added. Players have plenty of options to choose from in the normal slot games and therefore they give fruit machines a wide berth. However, if players spend some time in understanding fruit machines they will be highly rewarded. New players need not worry about losing money because they can always play for free till such time they understand the game completely.

Fruit machines replicate online the slot machines that were found in English pubs. This article explains to new players some of the common features found in fruit machines. One of the features is Nudge. Nudge is randomly displayed below the reels. By clicking on Nudge below a particular reel, that reel moves one position down. Depending on the symbols displayed on the reels the player can judiciously choose which Nudge button to activate so as to make a winning combination. Sometimes players are allowed to use more than one Nudge button in the same spin making it even easier to make a winning combination. Another interesting feature is Hold. Like the Nudge feature it randomly appears below the reels. In this feature players can select one or two reels which are kept fixed and the remaining reels are spun again. This gives players a greater chance of arriving at a winning combination.

The Cash Ladder is an integral part of fruit machines. Any win highlights the bottom step of the Cash Ladder. In order to climb up to the Cash Ladder players then have to play the Hi Lo gamble game. With each spin a number is displayed. In the Hi Lo gamble game the players spin again to reveal a new number. Before spinning, players have to guess whether the new number will be higher or lower than the existing one. If they guess correctly they move one step up on the Cash Ladder. If they guess incorrectly then they lose their wager. In the Cash Ladder players have three options. They can continue playing the Hi Lo gamble game till they lose or keep winning and reach the highest step for the jackpot prize. At any time on the cash ladder they can collect their winnings and start a fresh spin. Or they can exchange their winnings for the feature game that is displayed on the step at which they currently stand. Fruit machines employ a number of feature games on the Cash Ladder that are in consonance with the theme of the game.

The highlight of fruit machines is the Feature Board. This is triggered by special symbols appearing on the reels. The Feature Board has squares along its perimeter in the same manner as the Monopoly board. When the player clicks the Start button a number is displayed and the player moves that many squares on the Feature Board. Each square on the Feature Board allows for one of the following actions. It can move the player up the Cash Ladder by a specified number of steps. It can add to or multiply the amount that the player is holding in the Cash Pot. It can activate one of the feature games after which the player automatically moves to the normal spins. In the worst case a square can terminate the players stay on the Feature Board.

Because of the numerous features incorporated in them, fruit machines move away from the regular spins more often than the other slot games do. In this manner they alleviate the boredom that can be felt while playing the usual slot games.