Tennis Betting for Beginners

When you think of sports betting, things like football and horse racing probably come to mind. Tennis probably does not. However, if you are an avid punter do not discount tennis betting as a way to make money, as tennis is easily one of the best sports to bet on. If you know a thing or two about tennis, you can use your knowledge to make money in tennis betting. Here are some guidelines to get you started.

Match betting is the easiest bet you can make in tennis – you are just betting on who will win the match. If you win you will get paid out the odds. Easy. A twist on the match bet is the handicap bet. This is a bit like a point spread, where games are deducted from the favoured player’s score or added to the weaker player’s score. Since there is a better chance of winning with handicap betting the odds are usually lower.

Set betting is where you bet on what the final score of a match will be based on sets. You bet on how many sets will be won and lost by each player, and this option usually carries great odds. Set betting can also involve match betting on who will win a specific set.

Those are the basic bets when it comes to tennis, but of course there are many other complicated options that bookmakers offer to spice things up. Betting on a specific score or the number of games played usually fall into the high odds stakes category and can be fun yet risky. These kinds of tennis bets are recommended for more experienced punters – beginners should stick to match and set betting. Another type of tennis betting that falls in the middle odds- and difficulty-wise is outright winner betting, where you bet on who will win an entire tournament. Obviously the odds are highest at the start of the tournament, so you’ll probably want to place bets then.

Now that you know the basics of tennis betting give it a shot – you may know have known what you were missing!
by: Ian WilkinsonSubmitted On : 20 November, 2009